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Dental Wax Block

Dental Wax Block

                           Wax Block

In the traditional metal-porcelain teeth process, it needs artificial waxing, all hand daub, time-and force consuming , high cost, low efficiency; And subject to the influence of the artificial factors, there is error easily.

Using Wax Block to make the wax type of metal crown and carving with the help of computers, we can save the human cost, improve work efficiency. The most important is to ensure the precision of wax type.

Our Wax Block is easy to apply, has excellent adhesion to the die stone and the great machinable feature for smooth contouring on the die. It has a high melting temperature (226°F) so it will not be affected or distort when other waxes are applied over it.


Used for carving wax type of metal crowns.


98.5*14 2 steps; 98.5*20 2 steps

Others upon request.

Technical Parameters

Hardness 50-55 (Shore "D" Scale)
Specific Gravity 0.92
Flash Point (COC) 575°F
Softening Point 226°F
Ash content for lost wax casting application is low (0.0054%)
Coeffieient of Thermal Expansion (in/in F) 9.5*10.5
Coloring blue


Delivery forms

Package: 1piece/Box; 5pieces/Box;

Storage: Store at Room Temperature.




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