SWS-6000 Series Hemodialysis machine

  • SWS-6000 series hemodialysis machine
SWS-6000 series hemodialysis machine

SWS-6000 series hemodialysis machine

Humanized Operation Design

• The user-friendly guided design, self-test, parameter setting, treatment, cleaning and disinfection of a variety of operation,

• Multi-level authority management: set different permissions for doctors, nurses, and engineers to ensure that the machine is operated correctly so that guarantee the safety of the treatment ,

• Rotating screen can be rotated from left to right, with a good view and easy access to pallet items.

Easy maintenance design

• The front panel self-locking design , which is easy to open and save the time,

• The other panel adopt knobs and screws,which can be disassembled easily without instruments,

• module with card-style design , which is easy to disassemble and do maintenance .Magnetic counter-opening design facilitates the replacement of double endotoxin filters .

Multi-function upgrade

• Compatible with all brands of hemodialysis consumables, a variety of dialysate formula + custom formula, to adapt to each brand of concentrate and disinfectant,

•Multi-functional heparin pump: Automatic identification of syringe model (for 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml syringe), support heparin profile.

Safe and Secure Treatment

• The integrated design of the air detector ,the venous clamp and blood recognition which adopt the ultrasonic and optical sensor , and can monitor the tiny bubble and blood,

• A,B fluid degassing function ,which can ensure the dialysate without bubble and ensure the safety of the treatment,

* Online non-invasive blood pressure monitor(BPM) : set the automatic measurement time, monitor the heart rate and blood pressure of the patient ,which can prevent hypotension during dialysis treatment,

• Advanced volume balance feedback control system which can ensure the accuracy of the UF,

• The dialysate mixing feedback control system which can ensure the accuracy of the dialysate ion concentration.

Safe self-test

• Independent control of hydraulic,blood circuit and monitoring systems to guarantee the safety of the treatment,

• Leak detection at the bottom of the machine to ensure the safety of the treatment,

• Real-time leak detection for balance chamber system to ensure the accuracy of UF treatment.

Cost saving

• Concentration Central supply: It is suitable for centralized control in large dialysis centers without manual handling requirement, which in order to prevent secondary pollution of concentration,so that to achieve efficient management and reliable quality,

• Online prime,reinfusion: use online substitution to prime and reinfuse, without bag-type physiological saline, fully automatic operation.

Multiple treatment profile,supply personalized treatment.

• Sodium ion profile,UF rate profile,Heparin flow profile,Dialysate flow profile,Bicarbonate profile,Dialysate temperature profile.

Online KTV

• Low-cost, high-precision, non-invasive, easy-to-use treatment sufficiency evaluation method.

Blood volume monitor

• Based on optical sensing technology, blood volume varies can be detected accurately during the treatment, so that to prevent the hypotension effectively which caused by excessive water removal.

 Blood temperature Monitor

• Through infrared temperature measurement technology, which can monitor the blood temperature of arterial outflow and venous inflow, so that to maintain the balance of thermal energy in extracorporeal circulation, stabilize the temperature of the patient's body , and reduce the complications effectively during dialysis.

Bicart holder

• Prevent microbial contamination of B concentration to ensure the purity of the dialysate and improve the quality of treatment.

High&Low sodium sequential dialysis function

• Convenient sequential dialysis (Dialysis,IUF),high&Low sodium sequential dialysis function for developing personalized treatment solutions.


• Double-stage endotoxin filtration,provide ultra-pure dialysate,produce substitution fluid online,reduce usage of the physiological saline ,ensure dialysis with high-quality,reduce dialysis complications, and improve patient survival significantly.



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