SWS-5000 Series Hemodialysis machine

  • SWS-5000 multi-organs life support continuous extracorporeal blood treatment equipment
SWS-5000 multi-organs life support continuous extracorporeal blood treatment equipment

SWS-5000 multi-organs life support continuous extracorporeal blood treatment equipment

Flexible solutions Various mode

• More than 10 extracorporeal blood treatment modes,such as CRRT,PE,DFPP,PDF,HP,PA,CPFA,MARS,FPSA,SPAD,RAD...At present,it’s one of the most advanced extracorporeal blood treatment equipment with a variety of functions on the market,

• Control the status of tubing position selection clamp automatically,one-button to switch various treatment modes and dilution ways,adapt to a variety of clinical demands,

• Support citrate anticoagulate and single NaHCO3 injection.

Safe and careful Treatment

• The integrated design of air detection,venous clamp and blood recognition which adopt ultrasonic and optical sensor,and can monitor the tiny bubble and blood,

• Automatic Injection of A,B substitution fluid proportionally through double channel,which solve the problem of carbonate precipitation during the CRRT,so that avoid the safety risk of mixing the fluid manually and reduce the workload of medical staffs,

• Citrate automatic injection anticoagulation technology,citrate and calcium solution automatic proportional injection to realize the safe local anticoagulant treatment and provide more anticoagulant choices,

• Intelligent and dynamic pressure monitor alarm to detect abnormal pressure quickly,

• More comfortable treatment,heating on double sides,fluid temperature with high-precision is homogeneous,

• Fully-automatic prime degassing and tubing seal monitoring,reduce workload of staff and improve safety of treatment.

Easy Operation

• There’s treatment mode diagram and tubing installation diagram for each treatment mode,easy and convenient for operation,

• One-button prime for tubing and filter,operation is easy and rapid,

• Alarm reason and alarm processing method can be queried.

Product Features

• 12 inch LCD touch screen,the screen can be rotated from multiple angles, easy and fast to operate,

• The product is equipped with 5 precision peristaltic pumps, 1 anti-coagulation pump, 4 high-precision weighing scales, 2 tubing selection clamps,heating device with high-efficiency , high treatment efficiency and wide clinical indications,

• Adopt flat-type double-side heating and infrared temperature monitoring feedback control technology,heating with high efficiency and liquid temperature with high control accuracy,

• Citrate automatic injection technology,extracorporeal blood treatment mode realize automatic proportional injection of citrate,calcium solutions,

• Double-channel substitution fluid injection technology to solve the carbonate precipitation problem in CRRT,

• Tubing installation notice and automatic prime function,easy and fast to operate,

• Multi-function syringe pump,can identify syringe size,can use 10ml、20ml、30ml、50ml various syringes,

• The whole machine design combines with ergonomics ,which is convenient and safe to move,and better meets the demands of frequent movement for bedside treatment,

• Semi-integrated tubing design ,tubing and filters can be separated for more flexible options.



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